Rechargeable Electric Vegetable Cutter(2800+200 Delivery Charges)

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1.【Vegetable slicer】4 in 1 Portable Electric Vegetable Cutter Set can quickly chop food in seconds, It is more convenient to cut and side dishes, fresh ingredients. Easily prepare a variety of ingredients to cook, save time and effort.
2.【Filling Hole Design】Process whole foods without pre-cutting, the portable vegetable cutting machine has a round filling hole and the long ingredients such as pepper, yam, etc. can be directly inserted; Eliminating the tedious steps of opening the lid and twisting the lid.
3.【Portable and fast】Electric food chopper for fast slicing, Gun-type slicing, without the need for a container to cook in seconds, quickly into the pot.The garlic slices and pepper rings are even and beautiful.
4.【Comfortable Grip】Multi-functional Chopper comfortable to hold, breaking the dangling click mode of the traditional electric garlic paste, the ergonomic design does not tire your hands, the vegetable chopper protects your fingers from the blades when slicing and you no longer need any slicer skills to cut your vegetables. Plus, its great design allows you to avoid tearing onions.
5.【One-key Cleaning】The whole machine is rinsed, the feeding hole is added with detergent to start with one key, and it can be washed with running water by stirring for 5 seconds.

Product information:

Material: ABS+PP+PC+ stainless steel
Size: About 20.5*9.5*8.0(CM)
Motor Power: About 40W

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