Multipurpose Cleaning Duster(999+200 Delivery Charges)

2,000 1,200


1. Our Duster is made of High-Quality Materials, Safe & Durable, Thick and Soft, and provides effective dust removal coverage without scratching the furniture!
2. The Duster looks very stylish and beautiful; it is lightweight and easy to use, durable and strong, and its contour design can provide a comfortable grip, so the wrists and hands will not feel tired.
3. The duster can clean your Fan, Walls, Big & small objects. It is a very practical and practical cleaning tool.
4. The handle is designed with a hanging hole, which is convenient to store the duster and hang it on the wall. It is convenient to store and can be taken out to clean the room at any time.
5. The cleaning duster can easily clean ceilings, ceiling fans, lights, bookshelves, any narrow or hard-to-reach places.

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