Dancing Cactus Toy(1799 + 200 Delivery Charges)

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Expand your child’s ability of early education with this cactus plush toy that can sing, move, dance, mimic you, and turn around. The perfect addition in your child’s life and your home for his learning and entertainment of you and your guests. The soft appearance of the plush filling is squeezed from the outside, which perfectly stimulates the imagination of children and stimulates creativity. The toy has its own rhythm and is very light-weighted. (Can be carried easily).

This Bernice Kelly curious, expressive cactus likes to play with you during the day. In night mode

Electric shake dancing cactus plush perfect accessory for home decoration, party, good for early childhood education.dancing cactus plush in pot funny dancing cactus plush toy,Knitted plush made, soft material, comfortable, safe. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth for cleanup

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